Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rose Petals 3, Anthology Released

What I'm writing: Chapter 28! I've been holed up in a hotel room in Saint Petersburg while my husband's at a meeting, and I finally figured out how to deal with Miri's sister. After fixing the snags in chapter 26, things are moving again.

Rose Petals
, Volume 3, has just been released by The Wild Rose Press. I'm the third of 3 short stories with Second Chance Rose. It's my first print book, although it's also available in digital format. It should be interesting, as my story is sensual, and there's a brief but 'on the page' sex scene, but the other two stories fall under Wild Rose Press's Scarlet Rose imprint, which is much hotter. As a matter of fact, Garden of Sin, the story right before mine in the book is defintitely graphic erotica. Something for all tastes.

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