Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cop Classes and more

What I'm reading: Count to Ten by Karen Rose

What I'm writing: Edits for Rescued Hearts

I finished going through Rescued Hearts again last night to get it ready to send to the agent who requested it. I'm beginning to wonder what really happens when I shut down the computer for the night. I could swear I'd already killed my crutch words, but a search revealed far too many had lingered on. So, I left Dalton & Miri where they've been languishing for the last week and spent the day re-reading and re-editing Frankie & Ryan's story.

Tuesday night, we started our Civilian Police Academy class at the Orange County Sheriff's Office. It will run for 13 weeks, and I'll update the blog with what I'm learning. Our first class was an overview of the needs and structure of the office, and what the sheriffs are responsible for. According to all our introductory remarks, I'm the only one in the class who's using the information for 'work.' Definitely the only writer in the group. After one 3-hour session, I can already see some questions I should have asked but didn't when I researched the ins and outs of the office for Starting Over.

It's also a new month, and I'll have a new contest on my website. I haven't got the details posted, so please keep checking!

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