Friday, March 02, 2007

Another Review

What I'm reading: Innocent in Death by J.D. Robb

What I'm writing: New scene for Chapter 26

Finding Sarah has another 'real' review, this time from Romance Reviews Today. I have to admit, I feel as good as I did for my first one.

FINDING SARAH combines raw suspense with an intricately woven romance between two people who clearly can use a little bit more in the emotional attachment department. Randy is afraid to let himself become involved with Sarah and tries to step far away from the thin line that runs between cop and victim. Sarah, deeply in love with her deceased husband, cannot imagine allowing herself to become emotionally involved with another man. But her heart calls out for closure and the need to heal, and she may very well find that in Randy. Terry Odell successfully melds suspense and romance and creates one fine package in FINDING SARAH. Details of Sarah’s emotional torment and Randy’s steady determination to do what’s right no matter what his body is calling out for prove just how right one is for the other.

Readers simply cannot go wrong with FINDING SARAH and will definitely want to add it to their February/March reading list. Check it out at Cerridwen Press as soon as possible!

Amy Cunningham

The whole review is here

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