Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some Good News

Yesterday, I got the cover art for Finding Sarah. I'm more than pleased. Since the title sounds very 'chick lit' or 'category' I asked the art department to try to make a cover that played up the mystery/suspense angle of the story. I think they succeeded, don't you?

There's a link to a larger image at my website from the Coming Soon page.

And after spending the weekend proofreading and making last-minute touches to my third book, What's In a Name?, I sent it off to my editor. She said she'd get back to me next week. Imagine my surprise when the next day, I had a contract offer in my inbox.

A cover and a contract on another book--such a nice reward for a day of fasting. Once I get back from Seattle, I'll knuckle down and dig into the research I need to make my second book, which is a spin-off from Finding Sarah, accurate with respect to our local sheriff's department. Note to self--stick with making up towns and cities! Much less hassle.

Have to start getting organized for Seattle. Time to stop thinking about Sarah, about Colleen & Graham, or Kelli & Blake, or Miri & Dalton and reconnect with Frankie & Ryan so I can pitch.

I'll be back Monday night, and hope to update by Wednesday.


Stacy Dawn said...

It looks awesome! Congratulations Terry!

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

I love that cover! Absolutely stunning and intriguing.


Terry said...

Thanks, ladies. I like that Cerridwen allows author input. I think they did a great job

Julie S said...

Terry, that cover is gorgeous. Congratulations on the cover and the new contract!!!!!