Thursday, October 26, 2006

On Rejections, Feedback, and Moving Forward

What I'm reading: Kiss of Darkness by Heather Graham
What I'm working on: Finding the compelling hook

I got one of those "good" rejection letters yesterday. The kind where the agent (who had requested the full manuscript) says "Your writing is terfific" and then there's that BUT. In this case, it was that the story wasn't complicated or layered enough for single title. She also went on to say that all I need is that one thing that's truly different or compelling, and the other nice words -- "Please do keep me in mind for future works."

Time to reevaluate both Rescued Hearts and Dalton's book. How do I find the right "hook?" One of the final round contest judges, an editor, thought the plot for Rescued Hearts was too complex. However, I don't know what genre filter she was using when she read it. It appears too complicated for category, but not complex enough for single title. Maybe. All I can do is try to adjust, move on, and hope it's a fit for someone.

Meanwhile, I have a family deal in Pittsburgh this weekend. I've got a hard copy of as much of Dalton as I've written printed to keep me busy on the plane. I'll be looking for hooks and things compelling.

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Jerri A. Drennen said...

Terry, so sorry about the rejection. You don't know me but everytime I look at my 2003 Gotcha finalist win, I see your name.