Sunday, August 17, 2008

On the Road Again

Back to the dreaded packing, this time for a 5 day trip. At least we're driving, so none of the airline luggage restrictions. And it's hubby's workshop (it's Kogia workshop, in case anyone's interested, or even knows what that means--points if you do). It's in Charleston, SC, so it'll still be hot & muggy. I'm planning to hole up in the hotel room and try to fill in some newly discovered plot holes. Hoping the hotel television doesn't get too many Olympic channels, or I might succumb to spending too much time watching. But heck, it's only every 4 years. (Don't remind me that the US Open Tennis will pick up right after the Olympics are over--another addiction.)

And, speaking of hubby...I ran into my neighbor yesterday and asked her to have her kids keep an eye on things for us while we're gone: making sure the paper and mail really don't get delivered; check the porch and driveway for deliveries, etc. I mentioned the air-conditioning episode, and she said the air was off, that she turned it on for us Saturday afternoon, thinking we'd be home Saturday night, not Sunday night. Well, hubby had told me they were not getting back from Africa until after we got back, so when the usage details on the thermostat showed usage for both Sunday and Saturday, we could only assume it had been running the entire two weeks, because how else would it have been turned on? And, since hubby couldn't remember turning the a/c off before we left, and admitted if it was on, it was likely his fault, we accepted it. However, they got back before we did, and being wonderful neighbors, took care of things. That explains the much lower electric bill that showed up yesterday. So, here's my public apology: Sorry!

But we both thought the air had been left on. You can be sure we'll both be checking before we leave from now on. With Fay on the horizon, we also have to make sure everything is battened down, and that all important computer data are backed up -- to flash drives or some other system we can take with us. No point in having everything backed up to devices that are in the house. For the most part, we worry more about flying debris than direct hits, although 2004 demonstrated that even though we're far inland, hurricanes will come calling.

If there's a decent Internet connection, I'll continue my normal blog routine next week.


Ray said...

I didn't know what Kogia is, but I looked it up. Hope you have a good time.

I have three USB external hard drive. Some of the smaller ones are very cheap. Mine are 20, 60 and 500 gigabytes. All three cost about the same time. I bought them at different times as prices went down. The 20 gigabyte drive has been on three different computers.


Terry Odell said...

Hi, Ray -- glad you learned something from my blog!

The trouble with backing things up to your computer, to discs, flash drives, external hard drives, etc., is that if your house undergoes disaster, such as fire, hurricane, earthquake, etc., you lose it all anyway. It's important to remember to take the stuff with you!

We're now in Charleston. Weather is fine here, but we're keeping an eye on Orlando. And whether we'll run into Fay on our way home.