Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life's Little Routines

What I'm reading: Long Time Gone, by J.A. Jance

What I'm writing: Chapter 13 – caught up and moving forward again.

After being away 3 weeks out of the last month, things are finally falling into 'routine' again. We weren't going to go out for our anniversary, having eaten out so much on our travels, but when we got an email from a local favorite restaurant saying they were having a special event dinner on our anniversary, we took it as a sign from above that we were meant to attend. So we did. We ordered a bottle of champagne, and the manager gave us the house's signature chocolate soufflé dessert in honor of our anniversary. Of course, nothing is perfect, and they put it on the bill. It takes more than half a bottle of champagne for me not to notice, and they apologized profusely and removed the charge. What they didn't explain until I asked was an additional $4.17 "Admin Fee." Seems they tack on a fee to cover their publicist who sends the emails to their mailing list advertising the event. Is something wrong with this picture?

Despite the champagne, I did get up and hit the Y, although I admit to moving a tad slower than usual.

In the 'real life' realm: Dealt with the phone company about my malfunctioning camera on my cell phone. Dealt with the bank to confirm a transfer for bill paying. I have a renewed hatred of those telephone trees. It used to be you could bypass them by pressing zero at the start, but they're now burying that at least two menus deep. Even the constant barrage of political campaigning uses recordings. As does the newspaper, which wants to know if my paper started up again after my vacation hold. Doesn't anyone use real people anymore?

For writing: I finished fixing the formatting on the recovered document and dealt with some plot points I decided needed to be addressed now rather than later. Played around the blogosphere for a while. Followed up on a submission of my mystery short story. Filled out a review request form for When Danger Calls. Revised chapters 11 and 12 to a point where I feel comfortable moving on, and started Chapter 13. Didn't hit 1000 'new' words, but I'm ready to keep moving forward again. All I have to do is keep from getting too caught up in the US Open.

Today I've got a dreaded dentist appointment for what is most likely going to be phase one of a new crown. There's a remote chance he can fix it with some bonding agent, but things like that never happen to me. If there's a more complex and expensive option, that's the one I'll need.

And I got a great quote from a friend in my email inbox this morning:

If you would tell me the heart of a man, tell me not what he reads but what he re-reads. ~Francois Mauriac

What do you think?


Margay Leah Justice said...

That is a great quote.

Ray said...

I like the quote, but I must be on the author's list, because I rarely reread anything. It is this thing that once I have read a book I can remember it for years. I don't even read excerpts unless I don't have anything else to read at the time. I have to read only enough to know I want the book or when I buy it I will think I've already read it until I get past the excerpt.

Maybe you should add a scene to one of your books about something that becomes a life changing crisis while waiting for phone prompts.

Just last night I tried to go through a bunch of prompts to get to tech support for my cable Internet. it was evening. They advertise 24/7 service. When I got to the part about speaking to a live person I was put through to a phone that went into limbo and I got the dreaded, "If you want to make a call please hang up and try again."


Terry Odell said...

Ray, sometimes I think my entire library could be reduced to 3 books, because by the time I finish the 3rd, I've forgotten the first one. I used to retain everything, but age is playing nasty tricks.

And for the phone trees--yes, I HATE when you almost reach your goal and then the call gets dropped.

Ray said...

Couldn't be age. Just too much stimulation. I doubt you are anywhere near my 64 years and I do not consider myself old, at least for another 15 years.


Terry Odell said...

A lot closer than you might think, Ray. A WHOLE lot closer. But I have trouble thinking of myself as a grownup.