Monday, August 11, 2008

Home from RWA Nationals

What I'm reading: Partner in Crime by J. A. Jance

Home from RWA. While it's great to be home, finding the 'routine groove' seems to take forever. So far, the only major screw-up was that hubby left the air conditioner running for the two weeks we were gone. So much for saving electricity—not to mention a whole big chunk of change. Apparently when I said, "Did you turn off the a/c?" as we were getting ready to leave, he interpreted it to mean, "Did you turn off the water heater?" Selective hearing. I swear, he listens to the first two words and fills in the blanks with whatever pops into his head. He admits that a/c was on his list but wasn't checked off. I didn't think I needed to follow him around checking to make sure he did what he said he'd done.

TSA in Salem pawed through all our luggage. I don't mind, but it would be nice if they'd repack it the way they found it. Our ten bottles of Oregon wine came through intact, and are now safely put away in the wine rack.

Since I woke up at 6:30, I figured it was a sign that I was meant to get back to the Y. Four hours of sleep should be enough, right? All the recumbent bikes were full (has NEVER happened at that hour) and I almost turned around to go back to bed, but I managed to convince myself to stick around and use the elliptical. The new ones have a better ledge for books, and my eBook wise fit, so at least I could read while holding on to the stationary grips for dear life. This model had the other handlebars that move back and forth, but I ignored them (except for when I had to dodge them to get at my water bottle). Managed to survive, but it's not my favorite workout.

For the rest of the day:

Does it count as 'unpacked' if you get everything out of the suitcase, or do you have to actually put it all away? (I did get all the wine taken care of, though.) I tell myself it's good exercise to deal with one or two items at a time. More walking.

Then there's the laundry, and the empty fridge, and waiting for the mail to be delivered, which will mean another overwhelming stack of things to do.

Down/upload pictures from my camera. Wait for DH to share his much better ones. But because he shoots RAW, that means his pictures are about 8 MB each, and I have to wait for him to reformat into reasonably sized jpgs before I can share them with you.

Send ARC to the reviewer who requested it.

Deal with tracking expenses for taxes. (I know that one's going to hit the 'maybe another day' list).

Move files from laptop to PC.

When my brain clears a bit, I'll try to get back to posts about some of the RWA workshops and some more pictures of our trip.

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Katie Reus said...

Looking forward to more info from your RWA trip :)