Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

What I'm reading: International Spy Museum Handbook of Practical Spying by Jack Barth

What I'm writing: toying with the dreaded Chapter 1, Page 1 of a new novel.

I wasn't going to post today, figuring everyone's busy with all their special Valentine's Day activities, but a question about 'the most romantic Valentine's Day' made me think. I can't remember the year -- but it's been awhile. Not that there haven't been lots of nice Valentine's Days, but I sometimes I think we've fallen into a rut and exchange cards and maybe the flowers are sent because it's expected, not because he wants to.

But I remember once, years ago, one of my daughters, my husband and I went out to eat the week before Valentine's Day. We were strolling back to the car, and passed the jewelry shop in the shopping center. I said I wanted to walk a bit because I was stuffed from dinner, and why not look in the shop. Hubby said no, but my daughter and I went in anyway, and he begrudgingly followed. I pointed out things I liked, as did my daughter, while he hung back, looking bored and impatient.

The next week, on Valentine's Day, my daughter and I each had a small box on the breakfast table. Grumbling or not, he had paid attention. I still wear the earrings he gave me all the time. I think the unexpected makes a gift or gesture all the more romantic.


Dara Edmondson said...

That's so sweet! The fact that he pretended not to pay attention makes it that much more heart-warming.

Terry Odell said...

Agreed; I think one of the best presents I ever got was a mini-Swiss Army knife. Not because I wanted or needed one, but because I (ok, I confess, any show with Richard Dean Anderson falls into my 'hunk of the week escape time' definition) was watching MacGyver and I muttered under my breath, "Why don't I have one of those?" when he was using his do-everything bit with his Swiss Army Knife.

Now, MacGyver wasn't a show we watched together, but my husband was in the room at the time (I don't remember exactly what he was doing, but we weren't even sitting together; I watch from my recliner, and he was sitting back on the couch). Anyway, on the next gift-giving occasion, I was presented with a little knife, with the explanation that I had to prove I wouldn't kill myself before I could graduate to the big one (Which he did give me another time)

It IS the thought that counts. Of course, a gift to go with the thought is nice, too. :-)

Nancy said...

This Valentine’s Day was particularly memorable for me. We always celebrate Valentine’s Day, but this year my husband had to work that evening. So we made alternative plans to celebrate Friday night instead.

Even so, we planned to meet for lunch on V-Day. When I went out to get into my car, I was surprised by a big “I Love You” heart balloon, which he’d tied to the windshield wiper. I smiled all the way to the restaurant, where he greeted me with a bouquet of two-dozen gorgeous red tulips. Something about the balloon and the flowers and meeting my sweetheart mid-day struck me as impossibly romantic – especially after all these years of marriage. I’m a very, very lucky lady!

Terry Odell said...

Nancy, that's so nice. If I say that this year, I cooked a 'regular' meal which we ate in front of the TV watching an episode of Dexter, it'd probably be a total turn-off. But February also brings Groundhog Day, which is the anniversary of our engagement, plus my birthday, so we opted out of the major commercial event this year.

But -- we did play 'hide the card' and he had flowers delivered. He didn't find his last card until late last night.

Nancy said...

Terry, your husband is a real "gem"! I seem to remember a certain lovely necklace that he gave you at your "Finding Sarah" launch party. :)

Hide the card? that sounds like fun!

Terry Odell said...

After almost 39 years, yeah, I guess he's a keeper. He and the kids all plotted the necklace surprise.

"Hide the Card" is our fun game -- we leave them in obvious places, but it's nice to pull out your keyboard drawer and find a card, or find one on the driver's seat of your car. The one he missed was the one I put by the cannister of nuts that he usually raids every night -- but he skipped that snack Thursday.