Monday, February 04, 2008

Buy a Book, Help a Teacher.

What I'm reading: Rita entry 7 of 8 (Gee, if they'd sent me one more book, I'd have a great Star Trek reference here)

What I'm writing: I've accepted my chapters 100 words a day for 100 days challenge. It's designed to instill discipline more than increase production: my writing goals include writing 1000 words a day. But they have to be 'end of the day' words, which means my writing style of beginning each day by cutting the dreck out of what I wrote the day before is going to get in the day. Often, my word count is less than it was, but the words are a lot better. Then again, 100 words is almost nothing.

I'll be signing my two Cerridwen Press Books, Finding Sarah and What's in a Name?

If you're in the Orlando area, please drop by.

On Saturday, February 9, from noon -2 pm at Barnes & Noble, 2418 E. Colonial Drive in Orlando, romance authors Catherine Kean, Dara Edmondson, Louise M. Gouge, Linnea Sinclair, Aleka Nakis and Terry Odell will be autographing copies of their novels in a special book signing to benefit Central Florida's A Gift For Teaching, which provides classroom supplies for underprivileged children through its Free Store for teachers. A percentage of book sales will be donated to this non-profit organization. Book buyers will receive a wonderful goody bag! For more information, call (407) 893-6372.


Macy O'Neal said...

I might be out of town, but if I'm here, I'll be there. Of course, I own all your books except Linnea's so I'll be buying that one. Macy

Dara Edmondson said...

This is such a great cause - I hope the turnout is good!

Terry Odell said...

And I'll give away chocolate, too!

Chudney said...

I'll be there,please keep a copy of "What's in a name?" for me.

Terry Odell said...

You've got it, Chudney! See you there.

Chudney said...

Hey Terry sorry I missed it. but the bambino infected me with flu. Mind you she was running around with only a cough. But I still want a copy.