Wednesday, February 27, 2008

4 Stars from Romantic Times - for an eBook?

In preparation for a workshop of e-publishing, I've been getting a lot of input from readers, authors, agents and publishers about what they think an e-book is.

For some, it automatically means 'erotica'. For others, it means 'self-published'. Or poorly edited, or not a 'real' book, or not as good as something they can buy off the shelf.

Digital formatting is growing. As a matter of fact, the book I'm reading now, Die for Me by Karen Rose is an e-book. No, she didn't write it for an e-publisher, but I bought it from an e-book store, downloaded it to my eBookwise, and am reading the same words anyone who has the print version would be reading.

But there are a lot of publishers who publish digitally first, or only digitally. I've got 3 books with Cerridwen Press, one of those publishers. Two ( Finding Sarah and What's in a Name?) are also in print.

Romantic Times BOOKreviews is a print magazine devoted to reviewing romance books of all sub-genres. They rate books from 1 to 4 1/2 stars. The April issue reviewed What's in a Name? and gave it 4 stars, which is an excellent ranking, and holds its own with a myriad "real" authors of print books who have received 4 Star reviews, including (among countless others) Suzanne Brockmann, Roxanne St. Claire, Karen Rose, and JD Robb.

The reviewer, Cindy Himler, said:
an excellent page- turner that will keep readers up into the night. The plot twists are excellently done and keep the suspense at a high level

What makes this more gratifying to me is the review lists What's in a Name? as an e-book, even though it's also in print. My take on this is that the reviewer read it as an e-book, but did not bring any pre-conceived notions that it couldn't possibly be as good a book as a print book to the read.

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