Saturday, July 21, 2007

One step at a time

What I'm reading – Books from RWA. The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell, by Samantha James

What I'm writing – cover blurb copy for my new short story, Hurricane Breeze.

After almost a full week home, I think I've returned to my routine, not that I really have one. I've decided I need to work on my organizational skills, especially after someone in a writing chapter dragged out a 2004 article Roxanne St Claire wrote on staying organized. Remind me never to invite her to see my environmental chaos. However, I've found that when I look at everything that had to be done after returning from Dallas, I was overwhelmed at where to start.

I remembered a method I used when my kids were small. Three of them sharing one bedroom full of toys from doting grandparents meant the mess appeared overwhelming. I used to write numbers on slips of paper, and they'd each draw a slip and put away that many toys, or articles of clothing. The first time we tried it, I was amazed that they kept wanting to draw another slip. Well, I don't need slips of paper, but dealing with things instead of tasks seems to work for me. It wouldn't work for Rocki, I'm sure, because you can't really cross anything off you list, and it might take a little longer to get everything done, but I'm all for the less-stress.

So, rather than even attempt I deal with one thing at a time. So, if I wandered through the den, I'd pick up an item or two from the pile of clothes I'd dumped out of my suitcase and deal with them. Then maybe I'd take some papers from my desk and deal with them. Fold the sheets. Put away the shoes (there are always shoes). One thing at a time. I always have time to do one thing.


Jessica Odell said...

So, how's the linen closet?

Terry said...

Could be better. I'm saving it for your next visit.