Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dallas, Day 5

What I'm reading: The Leopard Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

What I'm writing: Not much -- back to Book 6

Saturday was another busy one--workshops, where Susan Elizabeth Phillips shared six magic words for creating a best-seller. Keep The Reader in the Story. Of course, she had lots of advice on how to do it, but it helps explain why there are so many books out there that seem to break the "rules" we're told about. Readers (myself included) will forgive a lot if they want to know what happens next. Of course, she also points out that you should leave out the boring parts.

Alesia Holiday shared tips for dealing with sub plots, and I went away with an understanding of how all the sub plots have to be balanced, what weight to give each, and how to make sure you're not overdoing a sub plot in favor of your main story.

Virginia Kantra's workshop dealt with developing the romance, and she included a lot of basic biological foundations as well as giving guidelines for the way attraction develops, beginning with the physical awareness, through emotional conflicts and making
sure we write the scenes that develop emotional intensity. I'm pleased to know that all the eating scenes in my book fit right in.

Lisa Jackson was keynote speaker at the luncheon, and I had virtually the same steamed vegetables as Thursday. The hotel loses points again. I was probably brain dead by this point, because I have no recollection of Lisa's speech. If it comes to me, I'll post it. Or someone will read this and comment, with every right to hit me ups
ide the head. I do remember it was fast-moving and interesting, but for the life of me, I can't pull any quotes from my tired brain.

I actually left the hotel for dinner with one of my critique partners and her roommate, then changed for the Golden Heart/Rita ceremony.

I was delighted that Roxanne St Claire won the Rita (double nominee, even) for her novella, and there were a lot of Floridians represented in the ceremony. Congrats to all the nominees and winners.


Julie S said...

Aw, aren't we so cute?!?!

Terry said...

Well, one of us is. The other one's an old lady!

Julie S said...

Hey, don't call me an old lady! That's not nice. ;-)