Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Special Day

What I'm reading: Injustice for All & Trial by Fury by J.A. Jance

What I'm writing: Chapter 26, scene two; edits for 22-25.

Not a lot of writing over the past few days. On Friday, I was "List Mom" at the Cerridwen Chat Yahoo group, and that tied me up until our houseguests arrived. Yesterday, half the day was spent getting my new car (Yay!) and getting ready for my party at the Jack Kerouac House.

Oh, and frequent visits to the Cerridwen Press home page where I'm right there!

The party was great-- I got to see my old critique group again, a bunch of people from my RWA chapter dropped by, and there was plenty of champagne. I did have to read a scene from Finding Sarah, which terrified me. Darlyn, the hostess and writer in residence at the Kerouac House is a poet, and she and her groups do long stretches of reading all the time. But for the most part, they read poems or short stories. I figured anyone listening to my stuff MIGHT be able to last for 10 minutes, which is about how long it took to read the first scene. I printed it in a nice big "no-glasses-needed" font, put back all the punctuation my editor removes "because e-book readers don't like a lot of commas", and finally decided that if I read it the way I used to read to my pre-schoolers, I might get through it. Of course, there were no pretty pictures to turn and show the group, but I survived.

When I finished, my husband came up and told everyone that he was proud of my success, AND he gave me a little velvet box, an early birthday present he and the kids had collaborated on. I know he read my short story, "Romancing the Geek." Maybe the last line sank into his subconscious!

Darlyn's poetry book, Red Wax Rose was released that day, and I was more than proud to be the warm up act for her readings and celebration.

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