Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Galleys

What I'm reading: Dust, by Martha Grimes

What I'm writing: Chapter 25

Doesn't look like I've made a lot of progress, although I'm half through both the book and the chapter. I got the galley for Second Chance Rose, the short story that will be coming out in The Wild Rose Press' spring anthology -- in print, no less! It arrived shortly before we were leaving to meet a friend for dinner, but I did get through it before going to sleep.

I also had a request for an 'autographed copy' of Finding Sarah for a fund-raiser auction. I explained it was an e-book, so she said, "Oh, sorry. Well, if you ever get published, we'd still like a book." I AM published. Just not in print. Cerridwen and Wild Rose are both "real" publishers. You have to submit, someone has to offer a contract, and someone other than your mother edits your work, and if it's a full length work, you get an ISBN and everything. And you don't pay anyone. They pay you. I did my best to explain it without gnashing the keyboard.

I also spent too much time setting up a bare-bones My Space site, because I've been told that's where the e-book reading population tends to hang out. I'm still not sure I grasp the concept of having to have "friends." On this blog, anyone can read and post, and I'm happy with that. For me, it's a marketing thing, so I guess I'll go with the flow. Somewhere, I think I've got a Yahoo 360, too.


Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Terry, I don't get it either. I put up My Space, but I really think to get readers you have to spend time surfing My Space for friends and then posting comments to their sites to attact them. Arrgh. I don't have the time! I hear you on the "when you are published". Some people just don't get it. sigh.

Jessica Odell said...

I set up a MySpace page. I don't like how the network works, to be honest. It's really a pain in the backside, and there have to be better options!! Oh...and a local photographer/framer/gallery owner wants to print & frame some of my photos!

Terry said...

I think this space is much 'friendlier' -- no fancy bells & whistles, just make your point and you're free to go.

Congrats on the photo-op, Jess