Monday, February 12, 2007

On Sloth Days

What I'm reading: Until Proven Guilty by J.A. Jance; Ladies, Start Your Engines, by Kimberly Raye

What I'm writing : Chapter 26 - sort of

Every now and then, research hits a snag and I need more information for a scene/chapter/entire plot direction. Yesterday being a pleasantly cool Sunday, I did edits, a little promo, but mostly laundry. My word count ended up about 71 words higher than the night before, far from a normal writing day.

However, I sat in front of the fire (a rare enough opportunity here in central Florida), sharing popcorn with my husband and felt nicely recharged. Today it's damp and drizzly; I just might read another book.

I still have to wait for someone to answer my questions, but with Finding Sarah coming out this week, I have plenty of "writing related" things to do. And the offer of a free prologue still stands. Just email me with Prologue Please in the subject line, or leave a request as a blog comment.

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