Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Launch Party #6

Things are winding down, but I'm still accepting entries. Plenty of time to bring more food, scroll through all the excerpt posts, read the 'behind the scenes' at my website, as well as a couple of reviews.

This scene shows some local setting to give readers a quick sense of place, as well as show something about Graham--both as a cop and as a man. He's off to question one of the players in the case he's investigating. It's his first solo interview as a detective.

He left I-4 and its never-ending construction delays for the Turnpike to I-75, and felt an automatic sense of relaxation as the countryside turned more rural, with pastures and horses replacing concrete and car dealerships alongside the road. A group of bikers made him wonder if he should put in for Motors if Clarke beat him out for the CID slot. His thoughts roamed to the half-assembled Harley in his garage. Someday. Someday, he'd be on his own bike, wind in his face, a woman pressed up behind him, her hands around his middle. He'd bet Colleen would like riding.

A knot tangled his insides and the pastoral beauty couldn't untie it. He'd had a boost to his career and for some reason, the only person he wanted to share it with was a woman he hardly knew, who appeared to hate his guts. He'd have to make her understand he cared about her. Right after he figured it out himself.

He moved across the lanes of traffic as he approached his exit, forcing his mind to deal with the task at hand, which was finding out as much as he could about Jeffrey Walters and getting a handle on Kimberly Simon at the same time. Surprised but pleased Schaeffer had sent him alone, he was determined to cover every angle. Schaeffer's words replayed themselves in his head. Look for motives. Yet if Kimberly wanted Jeffrey gone, why had she called the sheriffs?

The boutique where Kimberly worked was in a small strip mall on his right. He angled into a parking place, took a deep breath, and got out of his car. Adjusting his belt, he was glad he was still in uniform today. He'd always used it to his advantage, and it felt comfortable. For him, not the people he dealt with. After the way Kimberly had spoken to him on her first call, he wanted that advantage.

He approached the store and stopped dead in his tracks at the window display. "For My Lady" was a boutique, all right. A lingerie boutique. He squared his shoulders and pushed the door open. A soft tinkling of bells announced his presence. Thick purple carpet covered the floor, and mannequins clad in snips and scraps of lace posed in alcoves and on shelves high above the floor. The whole place smelled of flowers. Even a uniform and a gun didn't make him feel in control in this environment. Guys weren't supposed to see this stuff all hanging around in one place. Not on plastic dummies either.

I hope you're having fun and enjoying the excerpts. I'll be drawing more names, so send your friends this way.


cissikat said...

Nowhere to Hide sounds good - love the excerpts!
My sister sent me over, she has been one of your lucky winners, @ltat99.

Thanks for the fun party! I'm following you on twitter as @cissikat

Terry Odell said...

Welcome cissikat, and thanks to your sister. Glad you're enjoying yourself. Be sure to hit the refreshment table.

cissikat said...

Heck yeah, I always hit the refreshment table and it has to be 5:00 somewhere so I need a cold beer with one of your cops!

Thanks again!

Andrea I said...

I loved the excerpt! A glass of chardonnay would be great now.

Jemi Fraser said...

Great section - we get to see so much of him in here :)

John M. Poindexter said...

Thanks for the contest. It gives the readers a chance to learn more about the author and their works.