Monday, December 26, 2011

Newsletter Survey Results

What I'm reading: Second Son, by Lee Child (Nook)

And Happy Boxing Day to those who celebrate.

Thanks to all who participated in my Newsletter Survey question. I've taken all your responses into account as I work on my next issue. The survey asked to check any items you'd like to see in an author newsletter, and these are the results:

New Releases: 100%
In the Works: 83%
Contests: 63%
Personal Glimpses: 58%
Excerpts: 46%
Photos: 29%
Recipes: 20%
Puzzles & Games: 12%

If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so at my website.  (And you can win some of my overflow books if you sign up--just email me to let me know you want them. Details, as always, on the Deals & Steals tab). I'll also be giving away another ARC of ROOTED IN DANGER via my newsletter, so you'll need to subscribe to enter that one.

Other Bits and Pieces: The Backlist eBook authors are having a 99 cent sale through January 8th. This is a great way to fill up those new e-readers! My book, DEADLY SECRETS is one of the books on sale. You can find all my indie books here.

I'll be doing a month-long workshop for Savvy Authors in February. I've blogged about it at their site here.

And, I'm still hoping for a few more likes and follows before Saturday. 

Tomorrow, my last guest blog post of 2011! Author Jonnie Jacobs will be talking about Series vs Stand Alone.

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mona Karel said...

Terry, thanks so much for sharing your newsletter survey, this is so good to know. You're doing a NL in addition to a Blog?

Terry Odell said...

Mona - my newsletter is quarterly, so it's not that much of a production. I know there will be overlap, but not everyone visits my blog, and I did want to be able to reach them.

Cathryn Cade said...


thanks for sharing this valuable info. I'm planning a newsletter this year, and am glad to know what readers want to see.


Karen C said...

Thanks for sharing the survey results - it's always interesting to see what we all said we want.