Thursday, August 04, 2011

RomCon - A Reader-focused Conference

What I'm reading: A Moment in Time, by Deb Stover

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This afternoon, I'm heading down the mountain to visit with family, spend the night, and save about an hour of early-morning mountain drive time on my way to RomCon first thing tomorrow morning.

RomCon is a readers' conference. Instead of the things I'm used to a writing conferences, like craft-focused workshops and speakers, this one is all about readers getting to meet and mingle with authors. Last year I was on the 'reader' side of the conference, but this time, I'm an official author attendee.

I don't pretend that there will be people dying to meet me—or even recognize my name. But from a professional standpoint, one hopes that by the end of the conference there will be a few people who do know who I am and what I write.

I'm participating in three of the events. First is a session on building a hero. Authors from various sub-genres of romance will be at tables, joined by attendees. We'll have a worksheet and attempt to narrow down the qualities of a good hero.

Then, there's a contemporary mixer. Here, the setup again is to have authors at tables, and we'll play some rounds of Mad Libs. The organizer has a variety of playing sheets, from classic movies to familiar books (okay, familiar to most. I STILL haven't read Pride and Prejudice), to excerpts from our own books.

And last, I'm taking part in a murder mystery. Here, authors are playing roles and the attendees have to go to each author in turn, listen to their prepared speech, and figure out who the killer is. The story is set in the small fictitious town of Deadhead, Colorado.

For this one, I got the information about the crime, the suspects, and the role I was assigned to play. I'm going to be Annuit Ollalong, a Native American who is also the town's resident psychic/gypsy fortuneteller/coffee grounds reader.

Although they provide my script and props, I'm responsible for my own costume.

So, what does a current day, Native American psychic/gypsy fortuneteller coffee grounds reader wear? Given that one of my "rules" is that I don't spend money on conference things I'll never wear/use again, I searched my closet.

Long, grown broomstick skirt. Denim jacket. I did bend my rule when we were at the local farmer's market/craft fair last week and bought an inexpensive pair of dreamcatcher earrings that I figure I can wear again.

Either my new cowboy boots (assuming the store gets them in as promised--I don't consider them a "special" purchase, as I'd ordered them before I got my assigned part, and after all, I do live in Colorado now!) or bedroom slippers that look enough like moccasins to pass. Hair in pigtails under my cowboy hat. I have a necklace my daughter made that definitely has a Native American thing going.

Should be fun. I'll report back next week.

And please come back. Even though I'm in Denver, you can enjoy the second part of my Friday Field Trip to Los Angeles. We're going to WODOC. Don't know what/where that is? Then be sure to come back and see. 


Carol Kilgore said...

Make sure to post a photo of yourself as Annuit. The accessories look cool. I'd definitely vote for the comfort of those moccasins :)

Karen C said...

Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time! And I second Carol's request for pictures. The dreamcatcher earrings are gorgeous.

Terry Odell said...

Guess I'd better pack a camera, then. And try not to leave it in the room, which is the norm for me.

Karen C said...

I think that must be something we all do - can't count the number of times I've done it. At a very crucial moment.

Probably worse than that is not doing the download and saving process the right way and losing them all ... guilty.

Wynter Daniels said...

Conference sounds like it will be fun! Have a great time.