Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday Field Trip - Oregon

Hubster went to Portland and Salem. First part business, second part to visit his sister. He's sharing some of his pictures today. Since I'm still out of town, if you want more details, ask in the comments and he should answer.


D2TM2 said...

Photos in order;
1. Mount Hood
2. Salmon cooking on the Portland State University campus.
3. Rhododendron
4. Witness tree (early survey marker) at Witness Tree Winery
5. Salmon River valley from Hunchback Ridge trail, Zig Zag, OR.
6. Polypore (kind of mushroom)
7. Little brown mushroom.
8. Flower, side of cliff, Hunchback Ridge trail.

Maryann Miller said...

Gorgeous pictures. I am intrigued by the salmon cooking. Is that a particular kind of cactus? My eyesight is not that great and I can't make out some of the details.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Beautiful pics! And interesting-looking mushrooms!

D2TM2 said...

Salmon were 'skewered' with cedar twigs. Cooked by local Native Americans.

Ah, mushrooms! Never know what you'll find in the woods!

Karen said...

The pictures are beautiful - thanks for sharing!

daniel pattinson said...

Wow beautiful pictures..i freakin' love them all.Thanks a lot for sharing!
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