Wednesday, February 16, 2011

DigiCon, E-publishing, and more

What I'm reading: Unforgivable, by Laura Griffin

First, before I forget – contest winners are announced on the weekends, so if you don't leave your emails in comments, you'll have to check back. This means there's still time to scroll through posts and add a comment for a chance to win. This week's special was posted on Monday, in case you missed it.

Thanks to Margaret Fieland for reminding us why it's so important to back up our work, and with suggestions for ways to do it. I happen to use a program called Dropbox (or is it a service? – terminology eludes me). With our new digs, living on 2 stories, it's so nice to be able to bounce downstairs (only did that literally once) and work on the laptop for a change of scenery, and have all my backed up files follow me down instead of dealing with flash drives.

Note: if anyone's interested, I can send you an 'official' invitation, and you'll get some extra storage space when you sign up. Just email me.

Since most of yesterday was spent down in The Springs while the Hubster underwent some oral surgery, I'm going to point you to the blog I did yesterday at Savvy Authors about e-publishing. The publishing industry is changing – nobody knows exactly where it's going, but to quote Bob Mayer, it's going very fast.

I made comparisons between the traditional print-first model, the e-book first, and the indie publisher models. The topics I covered included Speed of Publication, Support, Gatekeepers, and Payment for those three models, with some examples of my own experience.

I think the blog is up for public viewing as part of the Savvy Authors DigiCon that runs all this week. You should be able to find it here.

And because we wrote a ginormous check to the dentist, I would like to remind you of my e-books from the Kindle Store,(click the Kindle Books tab) Smashwords, and All Romance e-Books.

I should be back with a meatier blog tomorrow.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Nice post on e-publishing! And thanks for the reminder to backup my work...doing it now!

Terry Odell said...

Thanks, Elizabeth - the times most certainly are changing.