Monday, September 28, 2009

Cruise Surprises

What I'm reading: Blindman's Bluff, by Faye Kellerman

Since today is another holiday, I thought I'd share some more cruise pictures. Besides, I'm bleary-eyed after dealing with edits all weekend.

First - In Nassau, we met these restroom signs. If someone hadn't added labels, would you know which way to go?

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And here's an 'arty' picture hubby took. He way lying on his back on the floor of the ship's central rotunda, shooting upward.

Our waiter entertained us with some magic -- can you balance two forks on a toothpick on a wine bottle?

And then there were the fuzzy surprises our stateroom steward left at night.

Tomorrow, author Mona Risk is going to share her hints on making sure the manuscript you turn in is the best it can be. You might recall my storyboard tracking system. Well, for those who'd like to see another approach, be sure to come back tomorrow. And later, I'll share how to deal with edits after your manuscript is accepted.

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Sheila Deeth said...

Thank you. This left me smiling. Love those fuzzies. And I'd never guess which was which in those restroom signs!