Thursday, September 24, 2009

And More Cruising

Day 3. Nassau

Nassau. The ship sails at night, so we arrive in port early in the morning. Nassau is a major cruise ship destination, and you can walk right off the gangway. At which point you once again face a cruise photographer.

Our intentions were to walk down to the old water tower. Rain happened. Doesn't usually rain in the morning, but these were deluge drops. Ankle deep water. We took refuge under the awning outside the Harley store (the jewelry store was across the street), and eventually went inside. I bought a cap, since we'd left our rain gear on the ship (note above: it doesn't usually rain in the morning!), which kept some of the rain off. I don't wear caps, but this one will be a gift for a friend, only used once.

Since there were no indications the rain was going to let up, we slogged back to the ship, where we were met by very efficient air-conditioning and staff handing out large beach towels. So much for wandering around Nassau. However, we did manage to find ways to fill the time. And since my parents and kids read this blog, that's enough about that.

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Instead I'll chat a bit about the food. There's a lot of it. Most of it's included in the price. You can have breakfast in your room (although it was a very limited menu on this ship), on Deck 11 for the buffet, or in one of the two dining rooms on the lower decks.

Lunch was on the island the first day, and on the ship the other two. Huge buffet offerings. Or, limited menu room service. And there was a Ben & Jerry's.

Dinner. We stuck with our assigned seating and time, but the ship permitted you to make reservations and eat on your own schedule. There was also a sushi restaurant (extra cost). And the buffet. And one night, an additional midnight buffet. (Slept through that one). Nobody checked, so if you wanted to eat in the dining room and then go up to the buffet, you could.

I kept forgetting my camera. I finally remembered to bring it to dinner.

But sometimes, I'd be so eager to dig into the food that I'd forget to take a picture. I did get a few shots of dinner fare.

I didn't count the bars and lounges, but they seemed to be everywhere.

More another time about some of the furry surprises.

Tomorrow, it's Homicide Hussey again. I do hope you'll drop by.


Patricia Stoltey said...

This is exactly why I can't get my husband to go on a cruise. He's afraid we'll eat our way from port to port and come back weighing about twenty pounds more than we do now. It's a valid concern, and your food photos prove it. My mouth is watering.

Terry Odell said...

My hubby loves to eat, and figures he can deal with the consequences after the fact. There are also plenty of opportunities for exercise on and off the ship, so you can stay active.

I find that even with the larger meals, I don't snack when I'm on vacation, unlike at home where every time I get up from the computer I find myself in the kitchen. So that's a counterbalance.

Debra St. John said...

Ah, yes, eating is definitely one of the highlights of a cruise. Of course the beautiful destinations are also fantastic! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Username said...

Any time you want to be pampered that's the way to go.
I'd love to go on a cruise though!

Sheila Deeth said...

Sounds, and looks, wonderful! Maybe one day we'll do a cruise, but in the meantime I'll enjoy your pictures and writing and pretend to share in yours. Hope you continue to have a wonderful time.

Nancy J. Cohen said...

I always walk the stairs on the ships to lose the calories. With 14 or so decks on the megaships, you can get quite a workout. If you want to experience a vicarious cruise from your armchair, check out Killer Knots, my cruise mystery. I've been on over twenty cruises and can't wait for the next one. Terry, your posts make me want to call my travel agent. I'm ready to sail!