Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Romance and the Economy

What I'm reading: Untouched, by Anna Campbell

Right now, in Orlando, about 1000 romance readers, authors and booksellers are gathered for the annual Romantic Times BOOKlovers Convention. It's not a cheap event. But it shows that people despite the economy, people are still reading. Books are cheaper than movies, after all. And last longer.

For more, watch the following clip, from Nightline. And if there's a hint of 'surprise' on the part of the reporters ... well, why? Is it any wonder that when things look bleak, people will turn to avenues of hope, for pathways to escape into a world where there is a happily ever after.

Tomorrow and Friday, come back for another Homicide-Hussey chapter. I'm posting it in two installments. (And hoping the 'auto publish' feature on Blogger works!)

If I have any time at all, I might sneak in some RT highlights. If not, I'll recap next week for sure.


Katie Reus said...

It's refreshing to know that romance still leads the market :) Have fun at RT!

Mary Ricksen said...

We rock!!!
And if we are lucky, we sell books!

Enjoy RT and meet lots of fellow authors.

D2TM2 said...

And you got to dance!