Monday, March 23, 2009

Can you be TOO Positive?

What I'm reading: Draycott Eternal, by Christina Skye

Finding a Top Pick review for What's in a Name? from Night Owl Romance was a great spirit lifter for the weekend. It's easier to find the bright side when you start with something positive. But, as a reminder that there can be to much of a good thing, I thought I'd share this clip.

And, because I had a great brainstorming session with friends yesterday, I'm going to tackle some (ugh) plotting. It's back story, but I need to know what happened in the past to bring the characters together. We had great fun playing "What If?" And the story seems more complex, both in the mystery and the romance threads. In fact, I haven't quite decided who the hero is yet. However, it's clamoring for a third point of view character. So, this is a short post. I have work to do.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when my guest is Lee Lofland: retired cop, award-winning author, and host of a highly rated blog, The Graveyard Shift.


queenofmean said...

That is so funny. I know a few people who could benefit from that drug. Well, maybe I could benefit if they used it.

Terry Odell said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. Although I have a very 'positive attitude' character in When Danger Calls, I made sure she was on a tight leash.

Terry2 said...

Thanks for sharing Despondex. I just sent it out to a bunch of friends I know will get a laugh out of it too.

Terry Odell said...

No problem, Terry2. I'm not usually much into YouTube stuff, but this one was worth watching ... and passing on.