Monday, March 16, 2009

Boys and Their Toys

Weekend reading: Night and Day, by Robert B. Parker, I'll be Watching You, by Tracy Montoya, Invisible, by Kimber Chin

I've updated my website, which now includes my Dialogue Basics handout. Of course, I'll still email a PDF version to anyone who requests it. Just send me an email. And, until my limited supply runs out, I'm running a personal special on personalized, autographed books. Buy both Finding Sarah and the sequel, Hidden Fire and get a deep discount off the listed retail prices.

Other recent happenings. Our son and a colleague hit Florida for a photo vacation. He brought more toys than Santa, but he got some great shots.

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Of course, if there's a great place for photography, others will find it as well.

Hubby joined them for the weekend. They were out after birds.

Great Egret

Great Blue Heron

Great Egret


Red-bellied woodpecker

And then, we got to watch a totally different kind of bird -- this shot of the shuttle launch from our driveway.

Join me tomorrow when special guest Lise Fuller will discuss Body Language.


Dara Edmondson said...

Wow - great shots. I especially love the woodpecker!

Jess said...

that's a lotta big glass lined up in a pretty row.. :)

Terry Odell said...

I think they broke the record for most "monetary value of camera equipment carried in one rental SUV."

Maryann Miller said...

Wonderful pictures. How awesome you can watch the shuttle launch.

And why do they call that a red-bellied woodpecker when his belly is not red? Curious minds want to know. :-)

Mary Ricksen said...

Wow, those pictures are magazine prints. I never saw a Camera that bid, and shuttle shot, went outside a little too late to catch the lift off, but when I went outside it looked exactly like that!

Terry Odell said...

Maryann, I asked hubby the same thing. I thought it should be a red-headed woodpecker, but he said the red-headed woodpecker's head is entirely red, and he thinks 1) the angle isn't right in this shot to see the whole belly and 2) that it's probably red during breeding season on the male. He suggested I Google it to make sure he got it right -- which is a total surprise because normally, he researches everything before allowing something as "critical" as a bird ID to pass his lips.

So I did, and according to the Cornell lab of Ornithology, the species has a 'light red wash' on its belly.

Lisa Logan said...

Holy smack, that's no moon; it's a space station!! But it sure gets some amazing shots. Though I've found the that person playing with the toy is as important as the toy itself. I'm lucky to not cut people's heads off in a photo!


Anonymous said...

Okay. I'm siding with your son - WHATEVER the toys cost, they were worth it. : ) Cameras are fun, fun, fun (says the mom who didn't help pay for them in any way whatsoever).

Katie Reus said...

Very cool pictures :) Don't know if you finished, but I'll Be Watching You is a good one!