Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Writing is WORK

If you like to sample new authors, Romance Excerpts Only has a straightforward blog where authors post excerpts of their work. During the month of September (okay, I'm a little late with the news), they're going to be giving books away. All you have to do is drop by their blog and leave a comment. No limit.

Yesterday's work seemed to fit another one of my quotes of the day:

You have to fight the stuff you work with, in addition to trying to build with it. Wood resists saw. Nails the hammer. Stone the chisel. Words the writer.
~James C. G. Conniff

Although my end of the day word count was well over my minimum goal, I think my delete key worked harder than it has in weeks. For some reason, my heroine started whining (unacceptable) and I realized she'd done what I absolutely hate to read in romance--repetition of inner thoughts. I know she was confused about her feelings for the hero, but it took a long, drawn out talking to before she'd listen to reason. I'll have to see what my crit buddies think of the pacing in that chapter. All I see is this dead horse, and me with a stick. I knew what I needed to happen, but we couldn't seem to get there, and I think my heroine was trying to help me kill time while I figured out which road to take.

Then I read this quote this morning:

Keep in mind that an outline isn't a blueprint; it's merely a rough guide. You can change directions at any point. In fact, you most likely will. As you get to know your characters, they'll develop minds of their own. Plots, too, are organic and will often shift course as they take shape. If you're not sure about something, sleep on it. If it still makes sense in the morning, it's probably the way to go.
~Eileen Goudge
The Writer, June 2007

Well, I wrote it yesterday. Let's see if it makes sense when I re-read it this morning.

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