Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just for Fun Quiz

What I'm reading: The Mercedes Coffin, by Faye Kellerman

What I'm writing: Chapter 24

Tomorrow it'll be back to Crimes Against Seniors. I've been writing an Aussie character, and my other books have included characters from Texas, Boston, Montana, and New Orleans. I'm not one to use much 'creative spelling' to convey dialects and accents, but this quiz for American accents caught my eye.

My results were spot on. Anyone else?


Jess said...

Mine was right... I have a "midland" accent, as in NO accent...which is about right for Florida.

Terry Odell said...

Considering you live in Ireland, you've got a very noticeable accent!

Jess said...

and they all think I'm Canadian!

Ray said...

I came out Inland North. Interesting. I am originally from Central Washington and have lived in Virginia for nearly forty years. The statement that I call carbonated beverages pop is just wrong. My brother who lives in Montana does. I usually say soft drink.