Thursday, May 15, 2008

The end of handyman lane -- not really

The last day? NOT.

Down to one worker, who arrived at her usual lateness. She exuded confidence that all would be finished inside before my normally scheduled cleaning service folks arrived. I pointed out all the little misses and problems. "Not a problem," is her answer to everything.

Things were relatively uneventful, and she had a man show up later in the day to help with the roof part of the project. When I told them we needed to go out for an hour, and asked if they needed access to the house, she indicated they should be just about done, and that she'd need to be paid.

Immediately called my husband and said if he wanted any say on the "acceptability" of the project, he'd better be home in an hour. We did a walk-through and there were still at least a dozen places where paint was missing from where it was supposed to be, or on something it shouldn't have been. "Not a problem," she said again.

It was probably around 4 pm when she said, "Done," and presented us with the bill. My husband asked if she took care of everything, she said, "Yes," and he handed over his credit card. Didn't get up and check. However, there's a one year warranty on their work.

I have an appointment with them next Friday morning for them to finish all the things that weren't a problem for her, but sure as heck don't pass muster with me.

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