Sunday, May 04, 2008

Counting Down to Hidden Fire Day 4

Digging into the "Save it For Another Time" files.

When I typed "The End" to Finding Sarah, Randy and Sarah had other ideas. I let them have their way, and wrote some bits and pieces about what happened much later. Technically, these events are also post Hidden Fire.

They're not short stories. They're hardly even true chapters, since I didn't have a story to go along with them. If they ever turn up in another book, they'd have to be revised to include ... actual plot points. Some of you may remember the posts about babies "not being romantic" from a while back. I did talk to the publisher, and she did agree that what I'd written was fine ... but these old files wouldn't fly, I'm sure.

I was brought up not to waste anything ... so you can read them over the next few days.

Not The End

Randy Detweiler eased his pickup into a parking spot by the rec center at Pine Hills Park and checked his watch. Only an hour later than he said he'd be. He locked his truck and started across the parking lot. The smell of barbeque smoke and grilling hot dogs and burgers told him he hadn't missed dinner. He jumped down from the cab and hustled across the lot to the food tent. Two more minutes wouldn't matter, and he was starving.

He worked his way down the buffet line and surveyed the picnic tables set up on the soccer field. Not as big a crowd as in previous years. Budget cuts, he suspected. Too many good people let go in all departments, or their hours cut so they had to work two jobs. Still, he appreciated the town's efforts to say thanks to its public servants. He spotted Sarah sitting with Colleen McDonald, one of his colleagues. They sat, heads together, engrossed in conversation.

"Sorry I'm late," Randy said. With admirable restraint, he kissed her upturned cheek. He set his paper plate heaped with corn, potato salad, baked beans and two burgers on the table beside her. "Group of high school kids thought it would be cool to have an impromptu party by the river."

The smile Sarah flashed turned his insides to jelly. And other parts the opposite. "Not a problem. Mac has been filling me in on some of your cases."

Randy glared at Colleen. Her green eyes twinkled back at him.

"Really?" he said. "And what kind of lies have you been telling my wife?" Wife. Eighteen months now, and he still felt that bong in his chest when he said the word.

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As for yesterday's POV posts -- the scene in the book is the one from Sarah's POV. She's got the most at stake. All Randy really wants is to get laid. Sarah's been having the second thoughts about the relationship, so she's got a lot more conflict. Will she be breaking off the relationship? If so, shouldn't she be telling Randy? Is it 'right' to sleep with him if she's having these doubts.

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