Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back to routine and keeping tradtion alive

What I'm reading: Improbable Cause, by J. A. Jance

Recent reads:

T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton
The Mephisto Club, by Tess Gerritsen
A Family of Her Own, by Brenda Novak
My Lady’s Treasure, by Catherine Kean
Creation in Death, by J.D. Robb
Restore My Heart, by Cheryl Norman
Straight Into Darkness, by Faye Kellerman
Thin Ice, Liana Lavarentz
Desert Heat, J.A. Jance
Also, catching up on back issues of EQMM

What I'm writing: Hidden Fire cover request sheets, blurbs, dedications and all the collateral material that goes along with writing a book. Not my favorite stuff. Marketing, PR is definitely not my calling.

Yesterday ended up being another traditional Christmas Day, which is still December 25th to us. After perusing the paper and the comments left on this site, we decided to see "National Treasure." I have to admit we were both pleasantly surprised that we enjoyed the film--enough to go back and order the first one from Netflix (I didn't even know there was a first one). Plenty of action for Dan, and lots of clever lines. Of course, for me, the book-signing scene clinched it. Nobody told me there was a writer in the movie! Otherwise, it was a perfect 'no-brainer' movie. I mean, who has all that history at his fingertips? The clue in the Paris Statue of Liberty about the desks? And knowing exactly how the mechanics of a centuries-lost city worked. No getting bogged down in details for this one. Total suspension of disbelief.

And even though the theater was full (and lots of kids) order reigned. Maybe our getting there early enough to snag seats in the top row at the end of the ramp helped--nobody behind us, and nobody in front of us. I did bring my e-Bookwise and read a couple of chapters during all the pre-show promotion.

After the movie, we hit our local Chinese restaurant where we added a mussel appetizer to our normal fare. It was a holiday after all. And to this end, I even had a second glass of wine.

So now, traditions intact, I can move on. My agent sent her comments on the first 3 chapters of my next novel, formerly referred to as "Dalton & Miri's book". I tacked a working title of Unexpected Danger on it, and we'll see if she can sell it. She's a very hands-on agent, and she sent my my pages back saying she had a few suggestions, but loved what she read. Good thing she mentioned that last bit, because when I looked at the red ink and colored highlights, I wondered if I should just forget that book and try something else. And I thought my crit partners were picky!

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Julie S said...

Yay! I'm so excited that Dalton and Miri got a title!!!!!