Friday, September 28, 2007

Thanks, Urban Think Bookstore

What I'm reading: One Crazy Summer by Jenyfer Matthews

What I'm writing: Chapter 22 and next-round edits of Hurricane Breeze

Thanks to Jim and everyone at Urban Think! Bookstore for hosting a marvelous evening of chat, questions, and discussion of the writing world. I know I speak for everyone when I applaud the work you do for local authors. Anyone who lives in or passes through Orlando needs to check out this delightful store.

From left to right: Darlyn Finch, Nancy Robards Thompson, Terry Odell, Catherine Kean, Louise M. Gouge, Dara Edmondson.

And my post on reviewers and review sites generated a lot of discussion both here and on other groups. The timing seemed appropriate, as one writer received a review that was all plot summary, even going so far as to give away the surprise twist of the book. While what I posted previously was intended as a forum for discussion, I have to voice my opinion here and say, that was just plain WRONG. I don't think a review, by definition, should dwell on story details. It turned into a book report (and not a very well-written one, but that's another topic!)

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