Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New Month, New Updates

What I'm reading: Almost Dead, by Lisa Jackson

What I'm writing: Chapter 14, plus all the 'front' pages for When Danger Calls

September crept in on a holiday weekend, so I already feel behind. Taking time off is great, if only the work didn't pile up.

Because it's a new month, I've updated my website, added another Free Read and a new contest. How would you like to be in a book? I'm giving away the chance to name a character in one of my manuscripts. Check my site for details.

I've added a guestbook (I think). If you want to help out, see if it works. It's moderated, so you won't see your comments right away. Link's at the bottom of the "Welcome" column. I'm afraid I might reached my technological limits, even with a Help Desk Support Person. If you have problems, there's an email link to me on my site.

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