Friday, May 11, 2007

I was tagged

OK -- I decided to be a good sport and play along, although sometimes I think I'm more of a 'runs with scissors' than 'plays nice with others' kind of person. A writing colleague tagged me this morning and I have to post 8 random facts about myself and then subject 8 others to post on their own sites. Here goes:

1. I shopped on Rodeo Drive when it was still called "RO dee oh", not "Ro DAY oh" and there were dime stores and children's shoe stores that sold Buster Brown shoes.

2. I have only one secret from my husband of 38 years, and that's where I keep my chocolate stash.

3. I hate roller coasters. I refused a whole dollar (a lot of money to a six year old back in the day) to ride the kiddie coaster at the local amusement park.

4. I can't carry a tune in a bucket, although that doesn't keep me from singing. My college roommate told me I sang in the cracks between notes.

5. I work for an international society of marine mammal scientists. I'm not a marine mammal scientist, but I know a whole lot about whale sex.

6. I would drop just about anything for a chance to go on a cruise.

7. I used to do a lot of black and white photography and developed and printed my own pictures. Then, I'd hand color bits of them so they were part color, part black and white.

8. I hate chain letters and usually throw them away and can't believe I'm actually doing this!

The 8 victims of my tagging:
Jessica Odell
Roxanne St Claire
Catherine Kean
Lise Fuller
Kelsy George
Nicole Drummer
Sandra McDonald
Jenyfer Matthews

More police academy stuff next post -- sorry.

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