Thursday, November 16, 2006

On Double Negatives

What I'm reading: A Killing Night by Jonathon King

What I'm working on: A Valentine' Day short story, and chapter 15, plus edits.

I finally finished a 1100 piece hard copy mailing and am ready to rejoin life again.

The IGO contest final round has been decided, and Rescued Hearts wasn't "best of the best" although I'm still please with the first place finish in Romantic Suspense. I haven't seen comments, if any, from the editor who judged the last round. However--she is also the editor who requested the partial of Rescued Hearts at the Emerald City conference, so my hopes that she's interested enough to want more have taken a tumble. Kind of a two-for-one rejection, although techncially I haven't heard back about my partial. However, if she'd wanted more based on the contest entry, she'd have told the coordinator.

All I can hope is that it was the overall story she didn't care for, because I know the pages she read for the contest were "old" and I've cleaned them up a lot. The manuscript scored well enough, despite some of the glitches, so that I don't think the cleaner version would make it any more "marketable" in the eyes of an editor.

With the IGO now complete, my contest "career" is officially over--if you don't count being coordinator for my chapter's contest. I need to line up editor judges--my least favorite part of the whole job.

Meanwhile, I have a very tentative date to get a tour of the local sheriff's office tomorrow--my contact is a SWAT commander, and at the moment the only thing on his schedule for tomorrow is serving a search warrant at 3 PM. (That sounds so cool!) But anything can happen between now and tomorrow morning. There are plenty of bad guys out there. We'll see


Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Terry how exciting to go with a SWAT officer. Hope it all panned out and you gathered a lot of important research material.

Terry said...

It was fascinating - check back; I hope to post a bit about it within the next few days.