Thursday, November 09, 2006

On Being Busy

What I've been reading: Hundred-Dollar Baby by Robert B. Parker; An Unlikely Match, by Cynthia Thomason; I'll be Home for Christmas (anthology )–Linda Lael Miller, Catherine Mulvany, Julie Leto & Roxanne St. Claire

What I'm working on: Chapter 15

Note: I've got a contest on my website—pop over and enter. Say you came from the blog when you enter and I'll send you my brother's secret for a fast-roasting, guaranteed moist turkey. He's a chef—retired from a Los Angeles restaurant, and this is how he roasted them in his kitchen.

I'm still waiting to hear from the Sheriff's Office about details for Starting Over. I'm not too impatient, because I have enough other stuff to keep me busy, including a major renewal project for work. I hadn't expected everything to be so far behind (although I don't know why that surprises me) and hadn't counted on having to do everything manually. We were supposed to be set up for e-commerce, but --- stuff happens.

I did slide off the fence (still wincing from the splinters) and register for the Fun in the Sun Conference in February. I signed up for an agent/editor appointment. I need to take another look at Rescued Hearts and go through all the feedback and see if I can make it a stronger work. I can appreciate anonymity in the judges, but it would be nice to know a tad more about what they write. Comments from an inspirational writer, or a sweet category writer don't carry the same weight with me once they move beyond catching basic writing gliches—like I can't believe I actually got my hero's boss's name wrong – and on the same page where I had it right! Why can't I see these things in my own work. I've got another piece to critique for an on-line group, and those things jump off the page.

Our RWA chapter is having a workshop on voice Saturday, given by Barbara Samuel. I'll be interested in that one. I've been told my voice is 'strong' which can be good or bad—if readers don't like the voice, then they're not going to read the book.

Back to work—I'll try to check in with news about the workshop.


Jessica Odell said...

Does Mr Mark know you're giving away secrets? ;)

Terry said...

I have his permission. Or else, I'll beg his forgiveness. Either way, it's a good roasting technique.