Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winners All Around

Thanks for your patience, everyone. John Sharpe's winners are Karen C. and Janet Kerr. Contact John at sharpewrites (at) gmail (dot) com to make arrangements to claim your books.

And a HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to Nicole who finished the LA Marathon with a personal record of 4:09:12

Way to go, all.

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Karen C said...

Oh, thank you so much! Congratulations to Janet. Hats off to Nicole for such a great time in running a marathon from someone who struggles with power walking my daily 3 miles!!

Nicole said...

Thanks mom and Karen! :)
Legs hurt a bit now but it was a great day!

Janet Kerr said...

I am so happy to have won John Sharpe's book "No More Bull".
Congratulations to you too Karen.

You look vibrant Nicole after running a marathon yet!!!

And thank you Terry. I am enjoying your blog & your books!