Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Field Trip: The View From Here

First, a reminder that I'm over at the Author Expressions blog today. Please pop over.

And now, on with our regularly scheduled Friday Field Trip. Today we're going no further than The Hubster's Office. Between his spotting scope, camera, and binoculars, he's set up to keep an eye on everything going on outside his window, and he's happy to spend hours making sure no living creature goes by undocumented. Not only does he take photographs, but he keeps a spreadsheet. Every Day.

The following are some of the sights.

Abert's Squirrel

Abert's Squirrel and Stellers Jay

Red Fox

Flicker and Hairy Woodpecker

Chipmunk (and friend)

Mountain Chickadee

Pygmy Nuthatch

Pine Siskin


Wynter said...

That squirrel looks like a squirrel-rabbit mix with those huge ears! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I always learn something new at your blog!

Terry Odell said...

Wynter, I agree -- I call those critters 'mutant bunnies'. Lop off their tails, and they're dead ringers!

Carol Kilgore said...

I miss all the mountain wildlife. The Stellars jays are one of the most beautiful birds. Did you have grosbeaks in the summer? They're gorgeous, too.

Terry Odell said...

Carol, yes we have grossbeaks. As a matter of fact, we had about a gross of them at the feeder yesterday!

Mason Canyon said...

Such wonderful photos. The wildlife is amazing to watch. It can be so calming. Love the squirrel. The ones here are just plain looking compared to that one. Have a great weekend.

Thoughts in Progress

Terry Odell said...

Mason - hubster can't even walk to the mailbox without his binoculars, and normally will have a camera as well.

Anonymous said...

How cool is that! Don't see many black squirrels, let alone with a blue jay. That pic is a real winner in some contest.

Sheila Deeth said...

What a super squirrel!

Terry Odell said...

Stephen - those squirrels were new to us when we moved here, but we see them all the time now. I don't know about contests, but I know the Hubster often sends his shots to the local news channel website and they've even put one on their broadcast.

Sheila - they hop like bunnies, too.