Monday, July 02, 2007


I'm excited to announce that both Finding Sarah and What's in a Name? are now available in print from Cerridwen Press.
I'm also tickled to death that Cerridwen Press has changed its pricing structure, so although these books are still trade paperbacks, they are priced competitively with mass market books! No more shelling out hard cover prices.

It will take a while for them to show up on, or the Barnes & Noble list, but Cerridwen Press assures us this will be happening soon.

In the meamwhile, you can see (and order) my new print releases here:

If you want to hound your local bookstore to carry the book (I know Barnes & Noble will carry Cerridwen titles), the ISBNs are:

Finding Sarah:
ISBN: 9781419907821 (digital)
ISBN: 9781419956515 (print)

What's in a Name?:
ISBN: 9781419908545 (digital)
ISBN: 9781419956522 (print)

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