Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's it like to be a romance heroine?

Terry's off running errands and she left her computer on. My name's Colleen McDonald, and I'm going to sneak in for a bit. Don't say anything to her, okay?

People have asked me what it's like to star in a romance novel. Well, first you pay your dues. I was a minor character in Terry's first novel, Finding Sarah , and had a few lines, a few scenes, but nothing major. However, I didn't complain, hit my marks, was always willing to do revisions even if it meant my shining moments were in the deleted files folder on her computer. In return, she gave me my own book, Starting Over.

Let me tell you, it's a lot easier being a secondary character. When you're the star, sure you get to hang with a hunk (although the LAST thing I wanted when I moved away from Pine Hills, Oregon to Orlando, Florida was a man, especially one in uniform), and there are some steamy sex scenes. I had to agree to be pretty na├»ve in the bedroom department, but that turned out great, because Graham really knew what he was doing and Terry made sure he "taught" me well. We had plenty of practice for that one. Now THOSE rewrites are fun. But she also threw all this back story angst at me – she actually SHOT me between books. I mean, that's going a bit far, don't you think? And she saddled me with this dotty landlady plus a complicated mystery encompassing three counties. And because she 'retired' me from my cop status before the book started, I had to play second fiddle to Graham, who was on his very first case as a detective. Actually, he was just in training, and I did what I could to make sure he looked good. Professionally, that is. Physically, he looks VERY good.

Oops – Terry is coming back. Gotta run before she catches me. Never get an author angry—they can really make you pay!

You'll have to wait until August 16th to read it, but in the meanwhile, check out Finding Sarah and you can see my debut scenes.

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