Friday, June 01, 2007

Criminals can be SO dumb

What I'm reading: Last chapters of Split Second by David Baldacci.

What I'm writing: Consummation scene of my short story.

On Wednesday, I was at the Post Office when numerous sirens called my attention to several motorcycles racing down the interstate. Shortly thereafter, several more cruisers followed, also running with lights and sirens.

I went home and turned on our local news channel. Seems that three guys were trying to break into a car in a hotel parking lot. This, despite the fact that the parking lot contained numerous cop cars. And the fact that registration had just opened in the hotel for a police convention on crime prevention, so the place was filled with law enforcement officers.

But, even more amazing (in a sick way) was that when these guys were approached by two Orange County deputy sheriffs, they shot them. Fortunately, one's vest saved him, as he took a shot to the chest. The other was hit in the arm. Both were released from the hospital.

Our sheriff was interviewed shortlly after the incident, and (as expected after getting to hear him at our Civilian Police Academy class), he was livid. They'd caught two of the three men (and believe me, when a cop is injured, law enforcement shows up in droves!) and he said he'd bet his paycheck these guys would have records.

Sure enough, between the 3 of them, they had over a hundred arrests. Makes you wonder what kind of support the court system is giving the community, doesn't it. The cops arrest 'em, the courts let 'em go.

I'm supposed to have my ride along this afternoon. Should make for some interesting discussion.

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