Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tagged: 24 Random (and boring) Facts About Me

The thermometer reads 32 degrees. That's COLD for central Florida, although freezes are not unheard of. Watch out for rising orange juice prices if the groves freeze. (Which makes little sense, because all the frozen orange juice in the store comes from LAST year's crop, which means today's freeze shouldn't affect current pricing at all. But the merchants want to "prepare" us for what could be next year's price hike, so they raise the prices almost immediately after a freeze.) Such is the way of economics.

Had to happen. Someone tagged me for the 25 random facts game. Much as I loathe these things, I'll be half a sport. I'll post them, but I don't have the heart to tag 25 other innocent bystanders. My life is so boring, but here goes. Oh, and thanks to Lee Lofland's precedent, one of these is NOT true. Guess which one. Maybe there will be a prize. So, it's 24 Facts and 1 lie about me.

1. I was born at the Queen of Angels Hospital in Los Angeles,so even though we are Jewish, I have a fancy birth certificate signed by nuns.

2. I never had any aspirations of being a writer, although I did win five silver dollars for a biographical essay on Ralph Waldo Emerson in the 7th grade.

3. I didn't know I was ticklish until I got married.

4. We had a pet hamster named Art Linkletter when I was a kid.

5. I was in the front row of the audience of the Pinky Lee Show, and he sat on my mother's lap and she fell over.

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6. I've been reading since before I started Kindergarten.

7. I worked in our garage darkroom in the buff when it was hot.

8. I took piano lessons in elementary school even though we didn't have a piano.

9. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology, and a diploma signed by Ronald Reagan. I wasn't sure if I should frame it or burn it.

10. I've been married almost 40 years to the same man.

11. I've got 3 kids -- twin daughters and a son. One grandson.

12. We had a ferret named Frank Burns.

13. My grandmother taught me to play poker.

14. I have the penis bones from 2 walruses, a ferret, and a raccoon on display in my house.

15. I climbed Ayers Rock.

16. My first knitting project was a yellow potholder.

17. My first complete sentence was, "Daddy take the garbage out now."

18. I learned to drive on a Hillman Minx with a manual transmission that worked backward.

19. I belonged to the Paleontology Club in Jr. Hi and collected trilobites, among other fossils.

20. I didn't start drinking beer until I was 50, and several years later, I found I had a taste for the Irish at the Jameson distillery one rainy Sunday in Cork.

21. I've been bitten by a 7 foot Burmese python.

22. In college, my favorite pastime was ethnic folk dancing. I worked in a coffee house in exchange for a membership. That's where I learned to play backgammon.

23. I went to Melrose Ave. Elementary School before Melrose was a 'hot' spot.

24. I've eaten wart hog, eland, springbok, and a Mopani worm.

25. I'm married to one of the 'original Bush's' thousand points of light.

And, don't forget. Tomorrow is Friday. Come back for the next episode in the life of "Homicide-Hussey"


Jess said...

Hm...I can narrow it down a lot, for sure... But I fear my guessing might not be fair to others. ;)

Terry Odell said...

I figured I could trust you enough not to need the FHB reminder.