Saturday, November 26, 2011

Free Book Offer Ends Soon

A reminder that I'm giving away downloads of FINDING SARAH to anyone who asks for one. Email me at bookstore (at) terryodell (dot) com with Thanksgiving in the subject line. I'll give you either a Kindle gift or a Smashwords coupon. Be sure to tell me which version you want in your email. Expires Monday, so don't wait.

I've hit 400 followers via Google Friend Connect. If you want to win some books, you have to tell me. Check the Deals & Steals tab for the details. I'm still hoping for 500 by the end of the year ... that will be a BIG BUNCH OF BOOKS, so tell your friends to follow this blog.

Next giveaway will be when I get 20 more newsletter signups. You can do it at my website.

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Karen C said...

Thanks for your generous offer for Finding Sarah - I do already have it.

Congrats on reaching 400 GFC followers! I've heard from another blog that Google is doing away with GFC in 2012 - have you heard that?

Enjoy the weekend!

Terry Odell said...

Karen - of course they'll discontinue something as soon as I get involved in it. That's my life! But there (I hope) will be some other option.

Karen C said...

That is so true! Find something you like in the grocery store and they stop carrying it.

Glynis Peters said...

That is s generous gift, many thanks.

I have heard Google are changing the follow system in the New Year. I do hope it doesn't become too complicated. I don't do complicated.