Tuesday, October 04, 2011

We Got The Beat

Today I welcome Lynn Rush to Terry's Place. Lynn is a former Minnesotan currently living in the heat of the Arizona deserts who loves dreaming up unique, troubled characters who tug at your heart-strings as they take you on a ride through their lives. Her novels are paranormal romance adventures geared toward the twenty-something crowd sometimes called New Adult or Upper YA. She's giving away a copy of her book, Wasteland, so be sure to read through and leave a comment.

You sure see the younger crowd having earbuds stuck into their ears constantly, don’t you? Now, I’m no longer considered part of the “young crowd” but I love writing for them. So, I have to be up on their music.

At least that’s my excuse when explaining to my husband why I’m listening to some of the music I do. Or even watching some of the shows I watch.

Not everyone can read or write with music playing in the background, though. I sure can, especially when I’m reading or writing an action scene. The louder the better, too. And if there’s someone around, I’ll plug in the earbuds much like my youngster counterparts.

For some reason, it helps me dive into the scene. Fast beats, loud singing and sometimes, some serious drum and guitar solos.

Love it.

Like for Wasteland, I wrote it in December, so I had one slow, but powerful song, You Raise Me Up, by Josh Grobin. An inspiring song, Hope Now, by Addison Road. I threw in some P!nk (Sober and Who Knew) as well to keep things spicy.

Then through the editing and critiquing rewrites, I had Skillet’s Monster, Awake and Alive and Comatose blaring in my earbuds.

Awake and Alive was on repeat until my husband was considering throwing our stereo out the window. I’m kidding, he wasn’t really.

There’s just something about that special song that sends a wave of motivation and inspiration through me and keeps my fingers dancing over the keyboard. I have to keep it on repeat sometimes.

How about you? What songs do you like listening to while you’re reading or writing?

Thanks for letting me take over your blog today, Terry. I’d love to give one of you guys a signed copy of Wasteland. Just leave a comment and you’re entered. I’ll draw a winner on Friday, the 7th, so be sure to check back on Saturday to see if you're the winner. If the winner drawn does not reside in the US, I’ll send you an electronic version of Wasteland instead.

You can find Lynn at her website, www.lynnrush.com, and you can find Wasteland at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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Diane Craver said...

Enjoyed reading your method of how you get into the mood to write an action scene. Great and fun post, Lynn!

I don't listen to music while I write but maybe I should try to set the mood - it might help me.

Rita Garcia said...

Loved knowing the music you listen too while you write. I constantly have music on. Often I listen to sound tracks from movies. Can't wait to read Wasteland!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Interesting! I like to listen to instrumental music when I'm being creative, but I can listen to music with lyrics when I'm editing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Diane: Thanks for stopping by. Music during writing/reading isn't for everyone, that's for sure. :) But before hand, to get in the mood, that might be a great idea to try.

Rita: **waves** Thanks! Movie sound tracks, huh? Have any favorites??

Elizabeth: Instrumental music reminds me of the movies. That would TOTALLY work! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Wendy F said...

Whatever is on MTV when I read can't stand for it to quite drives me nuts lol

Juanita Olson said...

I do try to listen to music when I write but it isn't always necessary. I always have music running through my mind, not on my CD player or whatever. But there is music. A certain beat will pound through my mind sitting the tone for the scene I am writing. I was always the kid getting in trouble because I was humming and I still do it. Ha! Enjoyed reading your blog.

Terry Odell said...

Thanks to Lynn for being my guest. I've learned one thing about writing to music: you can't type to Scott Joplin!

Anonymous said...

HI, Wendy!!! MTV, huh? Yes, sometimes the quiet does get a little.....too quiet! LOL.

Hi, Juanita. My hubby is a hummer. If there isn't music going, he's humming or whistling. :)

Hi, Terry!! Thanks for having me! This was fun. No writing to Scott Joplin, huh? :)

NoraA said...

Music makes everything go better. I keep streaming radio going most of the time while I'm online reading, or writing to my blog.

Thank you so much for putting a book up for a lucky winner.