Thursday, March 31, 2011

Left Coast Crime: Publishing Part 2

In yesterday's post about publishing, everything focused on print vs digital. However, I neglected to give a nod to audio books, which is yet another way a story gets from author to "reader."

I should also mention POD, which once had the same bad rap as being self-published. It's important to remember that POD stands for "Print on Demand" and has nothing whatsoever to do with the content, or its quality. It's simply a technology—a way to put a book into print. Given the problems with bookstores finding shelf space for books, or publishers having to gamble on what size print run to produce, it's quite possible that more and more books will be printed on demand—that is, when a reader places an order.

I was going to discuss the panel on research today, but yesterday afternoon I discovered that an interview I did for the Kindle Author blog was posted. The blog owner, David Wisehart, asked some very interesting questions, and since it's a blog about Kindle books, and going the indie route, I thought it would fit with what I've been discussing. I hope you'll pop over there and read the interview.

Tomorrow is Friday Field Trip, and we're going to—where else—Santa Fe.

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