Monday, January 17, 2011

More on Piracy

There's been some good discussion on this morning's post (below). I thought I'd offer an answer to "can't we do something?"

Senate Bill 3804 seeks to hold legally accountable all entities responsible for the dissemination and infringement of copyrighted materials on the Internet. The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill by a vote of 19 - 0. The legislation will now be put in front of the entire senate.

Those interested in showing support for the legislation are encouraged to:
• Write your local newspaper
• Contact your senators (Click here for complete contact information)

Those interested in reading the full text of the bill should click here:

I don't know if this will help the pirates whose sites are out of the US, but it's a start.


Unknown said...

Terry, I'd do anything to stop it, even though some argue that it gives writers more exposure (remember Radio Head when their music was pirated?). I'm not too sure and I just consider it stealing.
Do you think I could vote on the bill (I'm not American)?

Terry Odell said...

Sue - this is a legislative issue, not one for the general public. All we can do is urge our lawmakers to support it. But thanks for your comments -- there are those who say, "any publicity is good publicity" but I think I should be the one choosing who gets my work for free.