Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Field Trip - Seasons change

Yesterday, I received an email from someone who follows my blog AND used to live in this neighborhood. She was kind enough to send along some of her pictures, taken from the deck of her home, so I'm sharing them with you. I've also got a few shots taken Monday morning when the weather did a rapid turnaround.

We haven't had any visitors like this next one, which was taken on her deck in 2004.

And, our hint of what's to come, these next shots were taken from my deck on Monday, Oct. 9th. (Note - things have warmed up considerably, although we do have frost in the mornings.

All right, everyone. How about sharing some of YOUR pictures. Email me for details.


Mason Canyon said...

I've heard of frost on the pumpkin, but snow now that's just cold. I know winter is around the corner and I'm not looking forward to it. Love the photos.

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Terry Odell said...

Mason, yep, there must be a goose getting fat somewhere nearby. In Orlando, you couldn't put a pumpkin out before October 30th or it would rot. This will be our first winter here--we'll see how we like it.

Carol Kilgore said...

Make sure you vote early. One year we had 30" of snow on election day and couldn't get out because the plow hadn't run.

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Great pictures! There sure are some Negative Nannies here today.Please stop thinking snow. Pretty please.

Maryannwrites said...

Lovely pictures, both yours and the ones sent to you from your friend, although I would prefer not to have the same visitor as she did. I worry about coyotes coming too close to our house, but I have never had one on my deck, let alone a bear.

Wynter said...

Very pretty. I bet you are enjoying the cool weather. It's been nice here - low to mid eighties.

Terry Odell said...

Carol - good advice. We're already planning on it.

Mary - it's 70 degrees here now. No snow.

Maryann - we've only seen a couple of coyotes--foxes are more prevalent.

Wynter -- sorry, not interested in those 80's. Enjoying our low 70's. Went for our hike. No way would I be walking for an hour in Florida at noon!

Jemi Fraser said...

Gorgeous! Our leaves are mostly on the ground now - although I did post a few pics on my blog from last weekend :)

Terry Odell said...

Jemi - why don't you share some of your pictures for a Friday Field trip here? Or give a link to yours.