Thursday, April 22, 2010

Closing smooth and fast.

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Kathy said...

Terry you have the most fascinating blog. I always enjoy reading it. We are in the process of a having to move situation. Our landlord informed us after almost 14 years that we have to move. Talk about stress ugh I have to find a place we can afford and work around my work schedule as well. I really am considering a jump off the deep end of the pool in moving to another area and returning to civil service after a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG (25 year) abscence. I've grown tired of retail and need a different pace in my life I think. Moving to the Fort Hood area will make medical trips easier and closer. It will put me near my sister and her kids that I have grown close to lately. So this "weekend", my weekend is Mon & Tues, I'm taking a road trip see the new great nephew and visit with the kids that adopted me lol.

I almost forgot I love the why questions. Maybe I should try that with my story lol. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions and great posts.