Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Wilde & Woolly Bears Make the Headlines

Today, join me in welcoming author Terry Spear to Terry's Place. Yeah, I know it'll get complicated in the comments, but we'll figure it out! Terry creates not only award-winning paranormal romances and medieval historical romances, but award-winning teddy bears also, so learn what happens when a hobby becomes something more!

Have you ever loved creating a hobby so much, you’ve inundated family and friends with your talent and there is no one else to give to without it being too much?

Sometimes just giving away our well-loved creations can be enough. Years and years and years ago, I embroidered, quilted, hooked rugs, made cloth dolls, tie-dyed, cross-stitched, made costumes. All fun and great and everyone had so much of it, that although several pieces are keepsakes, hooked Christmas rugs and cross-stitched pictures, and one quilt for a bed and another Christmas quilt remain…but enough was enough.

Then my father and mother were making doll carriages and other furniture for doll collectors at shows and they needed something soft and unbreakable to use for display. Not cloth dolls. They wouldn’t have the right look for collectors who bought porcelain dolls.

So I created an old time looking bear. After that, I began creating character bears—a pirate with a peg leg who won Most Unique Bear at a show, a Jester who won Best Dressed and another who won Best of Show. My angel and Patriotic Patrick bears were featured in Teddy Bear Review Magazine. Another bear was in Texas Monthly Magazine. And some were in the film: The International Teddy Bear Connection.

From all the crafty stuff I’d done when I was a kid growing up, I ended up creating unique bears to share with the world. They’ve found homes as far away as Australia, Japan, and Russia, and many Celtic Clan bears are now living in Canada also. For my werewolf series novels, I’ve been asked to create a shapeshifter wolf! Maybe one of these days!

A friend of mine’s son creates cake sculptures, just for fun, not for profit. But they’re amazing and maybe someday, he will take his hobby to the next level—a hobby that can be fun, but bring in a little money, if nothing more than to pay for the materials used in the making of the craft.

But more than anything, because most of us who create crafts from the heart know there’s really no money to be made at it as far as earning an income, it’s the sharing of a gift that is unique with the world that can bring joy to the creator.

Thanks so much for having me guest blog with you today, Terry!

Terry Spear’s Wilde & Woolly Bears can be found here: And her novels, including the new releases: Deadly Liaisons (Jan) and Legend of the White Wolf (Feb)can be seen at www.terryspear.com


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Writing is almost the same way, isn't it Terry? There's not so much of a financial reward for it..but it makes us happy!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Marie Tuhart said...

Terry, I've heard about your bears for years. You are very talented and your bears are very unique. Let us know if you do the shapeshifting bear, that sounds very interesting.

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much, Terry, for having me!!! Have a super New Year!

Elizabeth, oh, yeah, no financial reward at all, but it truly does lend to creativity and that, for me, is what it is all about! :)

Marie--thanks!! I have to. I've had several who are interested! I just need the time to sit down and design one! :) Thanks!

Terry Odell said...

The 'other' Terry here -- Terry Spear is off to work, but she'll check comments and respond as she can.

Maria said...

The Teddy Bears are lovely. I collect resin Teddy Bears because they take up less room. On a different note just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the werewolf series, just finished To Tempt The Wolf last month and am patiently waiting for Legend of the White Wolf. Your character development for each book is fantastic!

Mason Canyon said...

The teddy bears are beautiful. They look so soft and cuddly you just want to reach out and touch one.

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much, Maria! I'm thrilled you're enjoying the wolf series!!! I'm excited about finishing the sixth book, Wolf Fever, and jumping into Taming the Highland Wolf! I have a lot of resin bears too, and wooden ones. Although it looks like I'll be collecting wolves now too! :)

Thanks, Mason, they are soft and cuddly. At a teddy bear show one time, this man held onto one of the bigger bears that is like the size of a big baby and talked forever to some friends of his. It was like a comfort blanket. :) After holding it forever, he finally thanked me for the opportunity and left the poor baby behind. But it didn't take long for someone else to snatch him up. The bear, not the man. LOL :)

Author Roast and Toast said...

I am always astounded when I see creative talent like the bears. You ought to offer one as a prize in a contest, they're adorable!
I'm impressed Terry. You are surely multitalented.

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much, Mary! I have on occasion given a bear away! :)One of these days I'll have to do it again! :)

Patricia Stoltey said...

I love bears! Terry (S), can you make your bears from old fur jackets?

diva donna said...

I love your Bears very much. I'm so lucky one found a home with me. You're great writer and Talented bear creator.

Jemi Fraser said...

Those are just the cutest bears!! When my daughter was younger we had bears everywhere!

Terry Spear said...

Hi Patricia! I used to make fur bears for folks as a keepsake, but oftentimes the backing was rotting and sewing them without the leather ripping was difficult. So I stick to plush, mohair, or alpaca wool. :) Thanks!

Donna, thanks so much! I'm glad you love the bear and are taking care of her. :) She needed a good home. :)

Thanks so much, Jemi! I love teddy bears. Mine and others too! :) They're just so...cuddly! :)

Sheila Deeth said...

They're super bears!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Sheila. It's like creating a book. Every bear has its own personality!