Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's On Your Desk Wednesday?

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Last week, I got tagged by Sassy-Brit, one of my followers. Being a (relatively) good sport, I'm playing along. Her challenge is What's On Your Desk Wednesday.
So, here's my desk. The only reason it looks this good is because we're trying to sell our house, so keeping the clutter at a minimum is important. Things are slow, but we still try to make sure we're never more than an hour away from 'ready to show.' Thus, apologies to Sassy in advance for a rather boring display -- she should have tagged me a month ago!

Here's what you do:
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Grab a camera and take a photo of your desk! And no tidying!

Add this photo to your blog.

Tag at least 5 people!

Leave a link back to your photo in the comments section at the What's on Your Desk Wednesday at Sassy's blog, An Alternative Read.

That's it.

However, for those without digital cameras or blogs of your own, you can do this instead: (or both if you are keen!)

List at least 5 BOOKISH things on your desk

For me, it's more writing than bookish, since my books at the moment aren't visible on my desk. But they're within reach.

1. Left corner: I have the printout of yesterday's work, marked up with edits ready to transcribe.
2. Right side: LOTS of Post-it notes for my Storyboarding.
3. Right side, back: A multitude of pens & pencils various colors
4. Top, left. My HTML in easy steps book because I can never remember the code for links.
5. Top right: Printout of Roxanne St. Claire's Goal Keeping tips.

List at least 5 NON BOOK things.

1. My coffee cup on its heated coaster
2. A few of my CDs (although I usually use iTunes)
3. My printer (technically, it's next to my desk, not on it.)
4. To the left of my monitor: Assorted notepads for phone messages and the like.
5. My monitor, which I stare at for hours on end. I suppose it counts as 'bookish' if I'm writing, and 'non book' when I'm playing games. Which, of course, I NEVER do.

Tag at least 5 people to do the same.
My tags: Dara Edmondson, Katie Reus, Drue Allen, Steve Pemberton, and Neil Plakcy.

Come back and leave your link, so we can come and visit your blog. Or add your answers in the comments.


Unknown said...

you really don't want to see my desk. I've actually lost my "geniuses thrive on clutter" sign under the clutter!

Today I finish cleaning and packing, so I have a better chance of coming home to a clean (ish) house. Iain will be here for 3 whole days on his own...

Sassy Brit @ said...

And what a great sport you are!

Thanks for taking the time out to do this, especially during what can be 'harrowing' times - selling your house!

I find any desk picture intriguing - neat or not! Yes, I must be mad, but it's the truth. Readers like to know where you create your works of art. :)

I do like your 'post it note' storyboard idea.

Good luck with your house sale. I do hope it sells quickly.

Here's mine!

I've posted your link there, too.


Terry Odell said...

Thanks for stopping by. Jess, it's genetic. Sorry. Sassy, I'm glad you set forth the challenge.

Unknown said...

apparently the genetics extends to leaving coffee in the microwave...

the clutter is diminishing...

Lisa Logan said...

Desks? You mean writers have desks?? heh. I've been demoted to the couch, by and large, as my home schooler has taken over the computer desk. Good thing is, the clutter here is pretty much limited to a couple of remote controls and the occasional throw pillow!


Dara Edmondson said...

My desk is boring. Just cleaned it! Can't seem to rid myself of The Pile, though. Will it ever go away? I think not.

Terry Odell said...

Lisa, eventually the kids move out and you get some space.

Dara - this moving thing is really keeping my desk neater than normal (although I'll admit to a folder in the file cabinet where I stash everything if we have to do a quick clean)